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How to record Slacker Radio?

AOMrecord is an audio streaming recorder. It  records, rips, captures and saves music from any digital music service. You get perfectly separated WAV, MP3, OGG or WMA files with high quality music from any web radio like AOL radio (Radio@AOL), last fm, PANDORA, Yahoo Radio, LAUNCHcast Radio, Rhapsody, Slacker, jango, LIVE365.COM,, AccuRadio, Real Player, Spotify, Windows Media Player and many more.

You can record from LPs and other sources as well.

Of course you can record Slacker Radio with AOMrecord.

AOMrecord is able to tag songs from these stations with song, artist, album and genre or station information. If available it also saves the song's album cover image.

There are few stations AOMrecord's song recognition feature doesn't work with because they don't have gaps between songs. But there is a solution for this built into AOMrecord – splitting songs when the media data change. Just try!

It really works! Download AOMrecord now to try for free!

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Material that is recorded with recording software like AOMrecord is intended for use as personal archiving only. Please respect the rights of the copyright holders of any material you record!

If you like a song you've recorded, please buy the media (CD or DVD)!